Issue 01

Sacred Circle

The dreamcatcher-designing couple behind Electric Love NYC offer captivating symbols of handcrafted protection.

By Lisa Butterworth and Caitlin Smith
Photographed by Pippa Drummond
Art Directed by Ash Barhamand


Step into the wide open workspace of Electric Love NYC in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and you won’t find much save for lit white candles lining the windows, a bountiful crystal collection, the smell of burning sage, and a lot of light. “We tend to keep barely any furniture or excess stuff around,” says Hitomi Matarese, one half of the bespoke dreamcatcher–making duo. “We really like to keep our heads clear and present in what we are currently working on.” What they’re working on almost always involves buttery leather from Italy or Japan, conscientiously sourced feathers, crystals hand-mined by a couple in Arkansas, and salvaged branches from around New York state. Matarese and her husband Charlie Walker, whose knuckle tattoos read “Love” and “Soul,” craft these materials into breathtaking wall hangings—each one different—as artfully stunning as they are symbolic. “They are everything to us—love, life, birth, protection, imagination,” Matarese says of the dreamcatchers. “In our eyes they are a physical extension of the universe.” The couple has been handcrafting their custom talismans since 2009, when one they made as a gift for a friend sparked interest from others wanting dreamcatchers of their own. It was a mystical journey they were happy to embark on. “We are definitely intense searchers,” says Matarese. “I think we were both born with a quest to find spirituality.”

 “They are everything to us—love, life, birth, protection, imagination. In our eyes they are a physical extension of the universe.” 

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