Current Crush: Pampa Paris

Written by Megan Baldwin
Photographed by Maria Piessis


Nov 29, 2018

It’s easy to imagine getting lost in the fantasy of the flower markets of Paris. But, it’s where friends Emmanuelle and Noélie found their calling. As the founders of Pampa Paris, a boutique floral arranging and delivery service they turned their love of flowers into a fresh way  to experience the simple, natural beauty of a bouquet, made by hand. We meet the friends in their atelier in the 10th arrondissement to capture their style while chatting creativity, collaboration, and the song they can’t get out of their head.

How would you describe what you do in six words or less?

Online floral designers, based in Paris.

What did your paths to starting your business and brand look like?

We met while working for a music festival and we quickly discovered that we both wanted to do something with flowers. We were two flower lovers who loved offering flowers to friends and family we knew there was a gap to be filled online. We knew could optimize things on the product and service side and started to think of new ways flowers could be delivered. Then it went fast: we started doing research, brainstorming, and building the project. We both quit our jobs and within six months Emma went to flower school, Noélie did the operational and business foundation, we found a little atelier in Montreuil and we built our website together. We launched two years ago!

What does creativity mean to you?

It’s the essence of what we do really: There is the physical creative part in the arrangements and then there is the idea creation that happens every day in how we want to grow and find new ways to communicate. We are always trying to twist the flower world, that has been old school for a while.

What is your process like?

We source our flowers weekly and create a new arrangement every week with seasonal flowers. Every day is fun, we work very hard, but have a good time with loud music, laughing and making the day go by pleasantly. We play a lot with colors. It is very important to our DNA. Our atelier is centrally located in Paris, and we share with our bicycle messengers. Another part of our business is custom orders from brands for events. These take our creative process on a larger scale.

Was there ever a defining moment where you were like wow, we are doing this now? If so what was it?

I think this feeling was when we went to the flower market to buy our first flowers and used them in arrangements that we sold on our first online shop. We took the plunge and felt the feeling like we couldn’t go back anymore. No way back. Only way was forward. That feeling was real and defining for us.

What have the past two years since you opened been like?

The last two years have been fantastic, so most things are positive for us. Of course a quick growth implies handling the growth: building a bigger a team, finding the perfect space. Having a business like this means there are always things to juggle. At the same time, this is the most exciting part. To watch your business grow, that it has been our efforts nights and days to make it grow, we have grown such a wonderful team that has made it possible. That’s the best part - being together and growing for our shared passion.

When and where do you feel most inspired to create?

Flower market and a world of possibility that generates ideas. In our atelier, when all the flowers are in their crates ready to be arranged! The flowers inspire the most. Their shape, their color, their life. When I look at a flower I feel something. So to be surrounded by them is the ultimate feeling of inspiration. The details in the flowers. The arrangement that highlights all the details of the beautiful flowers.

How do you compliment one another?

Already in the business we have different responsibilities. Noélie is the business head who creates the foundation for how we operate and grow, and Emma is the creative director bringing the flowers and arrangements to life. It’s always complementary in how we create ideas. One will run wild with ideas, the other analyzes and brings it in reality. Or vice versa. In our personalities we balance each other really well. We bring out the best in each others characters.

Founders, Emmanuelle Magnan and Noélie Balez of Pampa Paris

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