Jul 11, 2018

(Above): L to R: Dress: What Goes Around Comes Around, Kids Dress: Zara, stylist own vintage slip, blouse and robe.
All jewelry worn through out: Zahava.


L: Vintage Ossie Clark: What Goes Around Comes Around, Custom Kimono: What Goes Around Comes Around,
R: Vintage dress, blouse and trousers: Malin Landaeus.
All jewelry worn through out: Zahava.


R: Kids Overalls: Zara, Model's own bolero and shoes, Vintage Dolce & Gabbana blouse: What Goes Around Comes Around, Vintage skirt and sandals: Malin Landaeus, Vintage YSL dress: What Goes Around Comes Around, stylist's own shoes.
All jewelry worn through out: Zahava.


Vintage blouse: Malin Landaeus, Stylist own trousers.
All jewelry worn through out: Zahava.

Photographer Anna Wolf
Creative Director Samantha Hahn
Prop Stylist Amy Elise Wilson
Stylist Morgan Gibbons at Tricia Joyce Inc.
Makeup Laramie
Hair Rubi Jones at Julian Watson Agency
Models Bianca Valle, Lenore Emmer, Penny, Cerelina Proesl
Production Charlii Cruse