Lakeith Stanfield, the indie it-boy Hollywood can’t get enough of, is our first-ever male cover story—and he doesn’t disappoint. The actor, whose CV boasts ultra buzzy projects like Sorry to Bother You, Get Out, Atlanta, and Selma, gets to the heart of it in his Spring/Summer ’19 interview, “The Fame and the Story.” Natasha Rothwell, writer and actor on Issa Rae’s HBO blockbuster Insecure, gives us a deep dive into her plot to make Hollywood more inclusive (and more hilarious). We chat with musician, activist, public speaker, and all around Renaissance woman Madame Gandhi on her newest release—an EP that doubles as a rallying cry. And mixed-media artist Mister Michelle gives us a glimpse into her breathtaking world of form and femininity. Not to mention fashion spreads like you wouldn’t believe—one after the other.