Ever since she was pulled from obscurity to co-star in Larry Clark’s ‘90s phenomena, Kids, we’ve been utterly mesmerized by Rosario Dawson. Nearly 25 years later, she’s not just one of Hollywood’s most enduring superstars—the NYC-native is also a badass activist who puts her money where her mouth is. In her Fall/Winter Tidal cover story, Dawson gets real about everything from childhood memories, to the #MeToo movement, to getting behind the wheel of her own life. Also in this issue, Michelle Buteau—actor, comedian, podcaster, and new mom—will make you spit take when she sits down with Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski to chat about her new project The First Wives Club, when it’s absolutely not okay to put your head in someone’s crotch, and everything in between. Singer/songwriter Sasami Ashworth, who’s been feminist-ing her way through the music industry since day one, fills us in on her haunting and intimate debut solo album, SASAMI. A chat with rising star Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Luce, Monsters and Men, and most recently, festival-favorite Waves) reveals the actor’s rigorous process in rendering some of film’s most complex characters. Plus breathtaking fashion wells you’ll kinda lose your mind over.