TIDAL is a biannual print magazine focusing on fashion, lifestyle, and culture that pairs East Coast sensibilities with a laid-back West Coast vibe. You can turn every page and see something beautiful: fashion that’s approachable, entertaining stories that are fun and inviting, and celebrity profiles that make you feel like you’re getting to know a new friend. Plus there’s a hint of the mystical…’cause that’s how we roll. Current is Tidal’s exclusively online outlet—all the same kinds of awesomeness, just with less page turning.

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The Tidal Team

  • Anna Wolf Creative Director
    Editor in Chief + Creative Director

    Anna Wolf

    Though she’s been splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles for 13 years, photographer Anna Wolf is a California girl at heart. But shoots have taken her all over the world, including South Africa, Thailand, and France. In 2014 Anna launched Tidal magazine, a place to showcase her work and the work of her peers, mixing New York sensibilities with a laid-back West Coast vibe.

  • 02 Remy Ramirez Executive Editor
    executive editor

    Remy Ramirez

    Remy is a writer, editor, poet, astrologer, and lover of disarmed conversation. You can find her work in Nylon, Bust, Cherry Bombe, and Refinery 29. She prefers roller skating to hiking, hiking to carnivals, and carnivals to camping. When she isn't living in the desert, she's two stepping her way through the boot-scraped honky tonk of life.

  • 03 Mike Perry Design Director
    Design Director

    Tida Tep

    Tida is a Cambodian-American designer, art director, and educator. In 6th grade, she knew she was destined for design when her Backstreet Boys obsession lead her to make photoshopped posters for friends. Today, she works with brands in the fields of fashion, beauty, tech, and culture and she teaches typography at Cooper Union.

  • 04 Masha Spaic Production Director
    Entertainment Director

    Muzam Agha

    Mesmerized by the flashing lights, glitz and glamour of a photo shoot he saw in a Bollywood film, London-born and Miami-raised Muzam Agha, knew at the age of eight that he was destined to work in photography. Serving as casting and photo director/producer for multiple editorial and advertising clients, Muzam keeps his creative juices flowing by solo back-packing across the globe (he’s collected stamps in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Thailand, Istanbul and Costa Rica to name a few). His side gig: ghost hunter.

  • 05 Charlii Cruse Photo Editor
    Production Director

    Masha Spaic

    Masha is a Brooklyn-based creative producer who dreams of facilitating visual magic. For the past 8 years, she's been doing just that for clients big and small. When she isn't wielding her weapons of efficiency, you can find her traveling the world scouting out the future location of her commune of makers, scouring the globe for just the right waters in which to delve deep.

  • 06 Muzam Agha Entertainment Editor
    Fashion Director

    Alison Lewis

    Alison Lewis is a New York–based stylist and fashion editor. People always assume she’s from California, but she actually spent her childhood moving all over the U.S. Her work is influenced by babes of the 1970s, pretty much any uniform, and all things things Rihanna. When she is not adding to her collection of overalls she is making collages and eating ice cream.

  • 07 Alison Lewis Fashion Editor
    Production Coordinator

    Talia Nutting

    Talia is a Boston transplant who made her way to Brooklyn to see what all the fuss was about. She spends her days as an ad agency producer, and moonlights as a shower singer. She’s worked on beauty, entertainment, food, and travel brands, and dazzles her shower with interpretive renditions of Adele, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce classics.

  • 08 Talia Nutting Production Coordinator
    Production Coordinator

    Jackie Malamud

    Jackie was born and raised in Amsterdam - but not the cool one. She graduated from a liberal arts college and violated her parent's wishes by entering the art industry. Today, she works as a brooklyn-based art director for clients in the beauty and fashion spaces. When she’s not pushing pixels, you’ll find her perfecting family recipes or snuggling with her two cats.

  • 09 Jackie Mucilli Production Coordinator
    Production Coordinator

    Jessica Hodgson

    From a (shockingly) young age, people told this west coast native that she seemed like a New Yorker, so at 17 she applied to NYU and decided to give it a whirl. Currently based in Brooklyn, Jessica is an in-house photo & video producer that loves having the opportunity to flex her creative muscles, while also fulfilling her innate desire to dismantle chaos and get things done. Outside of work, Jessica is particularly proud of her ability to keep plants alive, and will happily give you unsolicited advice on yours.


The Current Team

  • 10 Megan Baldwin Executive Editor
    Executive Editor

    Megan Baldwin

    Megan is an East Coast born, L.A.-based trend forecaster, editor, and creative strategist. Her work as a writer and curious human sits at the intersection of what's now and next, yet usually results from being in the right place at the right time with a laptop. When she's not exploring the cultural implications of goat yoga, she's doing her best to live out every NYC to California girl cliche, one sound bath and tincture at a time.

  • 11 Tawni Bannister Photo Editor
    Photo Editor

    Tawni Bannister

    Tawni is a photographer and photo editor based in Brooklyn. Originally a native of the West, its vibrant colors, laid-back style, and spontaneity are strong currents throughout her work. After working at both Seventeen and Billboard magazines, she became studio manager for Tidal’s Founder & Editor in Chief, Anna Wolf. With a bevy of skills from her work in publishing, Tawni helped launch CURRENT, Tidal Magazine’s online edition, in 2015.

  • 12 Kayla Kern Senior Designer
    Senior Designer

    Kayla Kern

    Originally from rural Minnesota, Kayla Kern is a Brooklyn-based designer and art director whose work spans design, illustration, branding, and packaging. She studied graphic design at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and later made the move to New York to work alongside Mike Perry. Since then she has worked with a range of clients from MTV, The New School, NYLON, and Center for Urban Pedagogy.

  • 13 Ashley Huhe Junior Designer
    Junior Designer

    Ashley Huhe

    After a period of studying and working between England and Germany, Minnesota native, designer, and illustrator Ashley Huhe presently resides and works in Philadelphia. She studied graphic design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design as well as a semester at the Bauhaus-Universtät-Weimar in Germany. She creates work that traverses both the digital and print realms through design, illustration, branding, and advertising. She has worked with clients such as Polaroid, National Geographic, Salt House, and Urban Outfitters.